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Halifax Linen Service is fully integrated with RFID in medical, hospitality, garments & uniforms, industrial & corporate apparel, food & beverage uniforms, and more. RFID is completely safe in all aspects of medical and food preparation use. We will be happy to provide documentation upon request.

We will be happy to provide documentation upon request.

State of the Art

Halifax Linen Service began development of RFID system in October 2005 and tracked its first items (shirts/pants/scrubs) in February 2006.  Seeing positive results the company began testing more traditional linen items 2007, patient gowns May 2011 and fitted sheets November 2011.  In 2012, we began the process of adding RFID to our full line of products – today more than 98% of the products we offer have RFID technology in them.

Benefits of RFID

  • Guaranteed order fulfillment based on exact usage data, not based on a "blind" estimate
  • Quarterly report updating current par inventory, weekly usage, weekly loss, weekly damage and percentages for each category
  • "Life" of the textile is tracked based on number of washes. After a set number of washes are reached called "expected washes" the item is electronically flagged and pulled for quality control inspection prior to additional use.
  • No mixed bundles. If you expect to get 10 towels of one size, Halifax Linen Service's RFID technology will guarantee only that size towel in the bundle and the system will verify there are 10 in that bundle.
  • Guaranteed delivery of products through fully automated soil counts matched to clean build out prior to delivery.
  • On-site scanning capability for larger clients. Halifax Linen Service will use a "14th week" approach to determine current inventory levels.
  • Due to knowing exact par inventory and exact usage a true partnership is developed to "dial in" par inventory requirements on a real time basis. There is no need for annual inventories because the system electronically knows this at all times.
  • The overall goal is to reduce usage through managing a true inventory number rather than an arbitrary number that "we think" is accurate
  • A truly "Green" concept. We wash exactly what is required. We remove excessively worn items through "expected life cycles" reducing rewash and wasting precious resources

For more information on Halifax Linen Service's RFID and how it can benefit your company please contact us today !