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We believe the extent of our success is strictly driven by the efforts of the group listed below. They have intimate knowledge of our customers' needs and will deliver exemplary service on an ongoing basis.

  • Halifax Linen Service's average route representative (driver) has 15 years' experience
  • Halifax Linen Service's branch managers have over 10 years' experience
  • Halifax Linen Service's production employees have over 10 years' experience
  • Halifax Linen Service's key management staff have over 10 years' experience

Competitive Pricing

Through continuous process improvement we are able to pass on efficient unit rate structures. By limiting "layers" of personnel we are able to maintain a more intimate customer service and pass on pricing models that don't pay "corporate" expenses. Halifax Linen Service continually partners with our various vendors looking for a good blend of long term relationship commitments in return for lower per unit costs.

Product Diversity "One Stop Shop"

Halifax Linen Service offers the following high quality products in Virginia, North and South Carolina as well as Georgia:

  • Healthcare bed linen
  • Surgical apparel
  • Full line of Scrubs
  • Facility service mats and mops
  • Restroom paper, soap and toilet tissue
  • Maintenance staff uniforms
  • Kitchen apparel
  • Kitchen linen and high end table linen