Determining a Can Liner Size

How high and wide is your trash can? What is the intended use of the liner? What is the gallon capacity for your receptacle? Remember to include a 3-4 inch overhang when determining the length for best results.

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Can Liners

24”x33" Can Liner

Clear, coreless roll, 20-30 gallon, 24"x33", 6 micron

30"x37" Can Liner

Clear,coreless roll, 20-30 gallon, 30"x37", 14 micron. ...

33"x40" Can Liner

Clear, coreless roll, 33 gallon, 33"x40", 16 micron. 10 ...

38"x60" Can liner

Clear, coreless roll, 55 gallon, 38"x60", 16 micron. 25 ...

40"x48" Can Liner

Clear, coreless roll, 40-45 gallon, 40"x48", 14 micron. ...

40"x46", X-heavy Can Liner

Black, flat pack- interfolded, 40-45 gallon, 40"x46", ...

38"x58", X-heavy Can Liner

60 gallon, 38"x58", X-heavy

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